Welcome to my Law Firm.

The legal assistance I’m offering you is based on strong foundations - experience, professionalism, reliability and commitment. Following the same principles I choose my collaborators. I provide comprehensive legal assistance to both legal persons, and natural persons in every time, when the support of a professional is indispensable. Services are always provided in compliance with the individual needs of the Client, considering their highest quality and optimal involvement.

My name is Żółty. Tomasz Żółty. I'm a graduate of the Faculty of Law and Administration of the Jagiellonian University - Legal Counsel, member of the Regional Chamber of Attorneys-at-Law in Krakow (entry no. Kr 899). I’ve opened office on 1st of January 1997, and ever since I'm providing legal services in all main areas of law to both legal entities, and natural persons. My broad professional experience allows me to effectively represent my clients in civil and commercial cases before Polish courts of all instances, including the Supreme Court. I also represent entrepreneurs in appellate proceedings in the matters for awarding public procurement tenders.

My law firm offers you comprehensive services and legal advisory in all main branches and fields of law, in particular:

Real estate and housing law
  • legal services at the acquisition and disposal of real estate
  • analyses of the legal status of real estate for the purposes of purchase and sale transactions
  • draw up of all types of contracts related to the real estate market e.g. purchase agreements, donation agreements, easement agreements, property security, mortgages
  • dividing real estate and terminating co-ownership
  • legal services for housing communities
  • property management contracts
  • lease and rent agreements
  • legal assistance in tenant matters
Business and commercial law
  • professional legal services while establishing, reorganizing, dividing and merging any business entities (partnerships and capital companies, consortia etc.) and effective legal security of transactions
  • participation in commercial negotiations and advisory consultation in day-to-day legal matters in all aspects of business
  • draw up drafts and write opinions all types of trading agreements, contract templates and general terms and conditions
  • competition law
  • investment and executive contracts - also contracts based on FIDIC provisions
  • represent clients before the National Appellate Board in appellate proceedings concerning public tenders, in particular construction works and the provision of specialist equipment
  • advisory consulting on concluding and terminating employment contracts, managerial contracts, and legal assistance for employers’ in drafting in-house legal documents to meet their needs.
Judicial proceedings

My Law Firm offers you reliable and consistent representation before the court, in the fields of property law, estate law, law of obligations among others, including the matters arising both from contracts and actions for damages. I'm offering pre-court assistance, conducting settlement negotiations, then professional legal substitution in courts of all instances and before the Supreme Court. My professional support in disputes covers, in particular:

  • contractual and non-contractual obligations
  • compensations of damages
  • inheritances and testaments
  • real estate matters, like ownership of premises and other real estate properties, co-ownership, acquisitive prescription, protection of possession, restitution of outlays incurred and other related claims
  • neighbourhood disputes
  • consumer disputes
  • disputes between business partners
  • disputes arising from the employee-employer relationship
Vindication of receivables

My Law Office provides full legal service of debt collection - from pre-trial summons for payment, representation during negotiations in order to recover debts out of court, extrajudicial, through analysis and preparing documentation necessary to conduct an effective judicial proceedings and representation in courts at all instances, to representation during enforcement of payment proceedings.

The form in which my Firm provides services depends on the Client’s choice, either on the basis of a regular cooperation or as one-time services defined by the Client’s needs in selected areas. The scope of the services is agreed on in each case individually upon acceptance of an order. These rules also apply to the remuneration for the services which can take the form of a fixed sum or which can be based on hourly rates. The amount of remuneration and the form of settlement are agreed individually with the Client before the execution of the order and depend on the scope and type of legal assistance provided, as well as the complexity of the case. In either case, I operate a payment scheme which is convenient for the Client to ensure the highest quality and optimum amount of services required.

Legal Counsel

Tomasz Żółty

31-546, Kraków

ul. Mogilska 86/11 - 2nd floor

NIP 6761169572

Tel.: +48 12. 413.19.59

E-mail: biuro@tomzolty.pl

The office is open Monday to Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

After working hours please contact me by email pointed above. A meeting in my office is possible by prior appointment. Once an appointment has been set, it will be very helpful if you can send a brief description of your case, at least a day before.

The Office is situated in the close vicinity to the stops of tram lines 4, 5, 9, 10, 52. Clients who arrive by car can conveniently park their vehicles free of charge in the car park in front of the building.